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Instructor Highlight- Dara Yahya

We would like to take this time to thank Ms Dara Yahya for her commitment to the ASA! brand, the authenticity of the ASA! program and her dedication to ASA! class participants. Thank you so much for joining the international team of certified ASA! instructors.

Dara moved from ASA! fanatic to ASA! instructor and is the first and only recipient of the ASA! certification scholarship! She has brought ASA! to several different venues during her tenure as an instructor and continues to take her weekly class at the home base. Her energy is uplifting and her dedication to the brand is inspiring.

A native of Philadelphia (PA), with a B.S. in Psychology and a Master’s in Education, she’s known for her expertise in creating out-of-the-box learning experiences that inspire youth and adults to transform the mind, strengthen the body, and pursue dreams despite the “odds”. She dedicates her classes to those who are deeply moved by music and who were ever told that they could not.

Catch Dara's Class

Fridays 6:30pm at

Essence of Movement Studio

Check your class schedule for more details

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