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About Us

The low-impact workout, high-intensity evolution, an engaging fusion of modern club movements with cultural African energy into an enchantingly upbeat event, a life-changing total body endurance experience!

  • Set to the latest tunes in Afrobeat, Azonto, Akayida, Makossa, and Ndombolo

  • Infusing the latest and the most classic African movements with innovative exercise

  • Routines designed from the mind of a professional dancer and a fitness and rehabilitation specialist

  • Designed to target and enhance cardiorespiratory capacity, dynamic strength, functional strength, and core strength

Formally established October 2011, ASA! Enterprises has held classes in over 20 US cities and 11 countries. Since it's inceptions, over 30 instructors have been certified and our signature ASA! apparel has become the face of African-inspired athletic wear. Through classes and events ASA! has become a cultural ambassador for African music and culture. It's foundation in exercise science has solidified this program as a facilitator of progressive fitness. ASA! has grown from an exercise class to a lifestyle! 


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